The 7 Steps of How to Achieve Goals

Previously, we spoke about The Importance of Setting Goals, the essence of goal (vision) and the goal factors.

Today, we are going to speak about the simplest way to arrange multiple goals and The 7 Steps of How to Achieve Goals. We are going to make it easy. As we said before: How to eat an Elephant? Cut it into small pieces. And the same we are going to do today.

The 7 Steps of How to Achieve Goals

1- Jot Down Goals: Get a piece of paper, A4 paper is preferable and of course a pen. Jot down everything in your mind you are looking for doing it one day. Jot down anything to buy, anything to do, anything to reach, anything in general.

Even if you see it silly and trivial. Even if you think it so far. Don’t make barriers for your mind. Be like a child with his rich dad in toy store. The child in this situation is almost mad. He cries always “Dad, I want this ….. and this, and this too……. etc.

Jot down the small and big, the close and far, the important and the trivial, … jot down everything.

2- Arranging Goals: After jotting down all your goals start to arrange it. Arrange it in an ascending way. From the smallest one to the biggest. From the nearest one to the farthest.

3- Do Goals Mini List: Choose 5 goals from this list and put them in a separate paper. Be care of choosing the small and close achievement goals. Choose the goals that you can achieve in one month or less for example.

4- SMART Strategy: Apply the “SMART” Strategy with these 5 goals and make sure about the date of achieving these goals.

5- Start Achieving: Choose the smallest and farthest goal in the list and check with yourself how much time you need to achieve it. Let’s say 1 month. Ok, it an elephant and we have to cut it into pieces. Make a plan for this goal within 1 month. Divide it into weeks and days. At the end you will see that you have daily task you have to do for reaching this goal.

Do this task, even it small but keep doing it. It is effective strategy to achieve any goal.

At the end of each week make a stopover station for revising. If you are committed with this plan, it is Ok. If you are not, you have to committed to your plan to can achieve your Goal.

Be flexible with plan and change it if it is better to change.

Now you are really eating the full elephant.

6- Documenting and Celebrating: The moment of achieving this goal must be documented. Do it by any way. Take a photo, record a video, record it on audio file or even write about it. Then go to the list of your goals (The big list and the small list) and write the date beside the goal with some flags.

Now, celebrate for this achievement. Celebrate with your lovers or even with yourself, no difference.

Celebration is psychological issue to kill boring and feel joy. Also, it helps you to continue.

7- Repeating Success: Repeat the success story: After finishing the first goal jump to the next goal in the small list and do the same we spoke about.

Of course there are many goals which can walk in parallel and this is preferable in fact to can achieve more in less time. But if your chosen goal is big, you have to focus on it till finish.

These were The 7 Steps of How to Achieve Goals in life. It is simple and easy and I hope you enjoyed it well.

If you have an experiment with achieving a goal, I hope to share it with us in comment box, or if you like to make it in a separate post and title it by your name.

And enjoy your life.

3 Steps to How to Set a Goal For Anything

At first and before we speaking about How to Set a Goal for Anything, we have to speak about something which it should be clear. Have you a specific goal(s) in this life?

May be you have and may be you not. Anyway, it is ok. 3 Steps to How to Set a Goal For Anything post is speaking about setting a goal even it small or big, general or specific, business or personal.

I’m only going to put the general rules about setting a goal, whether it a long term goal or a short term goal.

Before I started write this post, I read a lot for the Self Improvement experts like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Zig Ziglar and finally Antony Robbins. All of them had Made will intervene. Perhaps they differ in the view but all of them unanimously agreed the importance of setting a goal.

But today, I’m not going to speak about these giants. In fact I agreed with someone simple called Gary Ryan Blair. Gary made a simple equation for achieving goals effectively which called (1.3.5 Method).

1.3.5 Method

He divided achieving goals into 3 steps.

It works like follow:

Step 1: Use Smart Strategy

We spoke before about SMART strategy and let’s take a quick look at it:

(S)          Specific

(M)          Measurable

(A)          Achievable

(R)          Realistic

(T)          Time Frame

It means that your Goal must be clear like Sun light, we can measure it and its progress, achievable not imaginary, realistic and is subject to Time Frame.

For example:

Don’t say: I want to buy a car.

But say: I want to buy BMW 316i by the end of December.

Step 2: Define 3 Reasons for why do you achieve your Goal.

This is the psychological part of this process. You have to speak with yourself and feed it by motivational reason.

For example: In the previous example about the car, you have to tell yourself 3 motivations which push you to buy a car:

1- Car makes my life easy and comfortable better than public transport.

2- I can use the car to help colleagues who haven’t a car.

3- To save a lot of money which I spend in public transport, taxi and traveling.

Step 3: Take 5 Action Steps to Achieve your Goal

It is at once actions, even it is small actions but it will help you to be close 1 step or more to your goal. Let’s continue with the previous example of car:

5 steps may be like:

1- Search and choose the suitable car.

2- Search and check car companies.

3- Comparing between Cash or Installment.

4- Set a plan to reach this goal.

5- Learning driving and make a license.

As you noticed, it is one of the simplest methods to achieve your goals and at the same one of the best ways to make your goal simple and quick. The distinctive benefit of this method also is jotting down your goal forward your eyes. You can now simply make each goal (whether it small or big, near or far, personal or business) in single paper and hang it on the wall or on the white board.

Try to set goals for each period, for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and so.

The most important advice in this method is that you have to put your goal always in front of your eyes.

I tried to help you here by putting a model of Goal Paper here to print it out and start jotting down your goals. Download it from here.

I appreciate if you feedback me about using this method whatever it for short term goals or long term goals. And also let me know your opinion in How to Set a Goal for Anything method by commenting.

The Importance Of Setting Goals

Why should we set goals?

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know really the importance of setting goals in life, so we have to speak a little about that.

Life of people is like a boring running river, you know its upstream and downstream. A lot of them is waking every morning to go to their work.

Someone works hard to take his check at the end of month. He spends his money for food, lodging, clothes and maybe some of fun. This was the live of most of us.

Do you really love a life like this?

Be honest with yourself before answer.

While people who have goals in this life – even it small goals – live an interesting life. The real life is one which full of fervor, activity and real happiness which is far of boring.

Speaking about The Importance Of Setting Goals in life is like speaking about 2 persons, one of them is alive and the other is dead. The difference between them is like the difference between land and sky.

I’m sure that you inevitably are going to meet some people who are like a flame of enthusiasm and their enthusiasm is directing to particular things not just enthusiasm. You will see them speaks a lot about their dreams, achievements and any progress. You will see their feeling and discover how it fickle between happiness and sadness because of success or failure. But they never, never give up and always start over.

Well, speaking about The Importance Of Setting Goals is a very interesting talk but I want today teach you how to define and set goals for life. In fact it is a practical post.

Let’s start

What is the Goal (Vision)?

Goal/Vision is an arrival point for something. It is moment after certain period of time to get something and it may be physical or mental. It called a vision because it is related to a dream you see and hope to achieve. Something in your imagination and you want to bring it to the real life.

By the way, Vision is differing from Mission. Mission reflects something you love to do without a particular goal. When you work in social service to help people who need help; we call this a mission. When you decide to make an organization for helping orphan children within 3 years to help over than 10,000 children; we call this a goal.

The Structure of Setting Goals

Setting goals have 5 conditions must gather together, otherwise it is not a complete goal.

Structure of goal is collecting in the word “SMART” and each letter has a particular significance.

(S)     Specific: Your goal must be specific which you can simply define.

(M)     Measurable: We can measure anything in this life, particularly what we really want. You can say for example: My goal is getting 1 million dollar. We can measure 1 million dollar and count it.

(A)     Achievable: Not mythical one but in the way which we can achieve it in a step-by-step plan.

(R)     Realistic: It is acceptable of reality to hope to be US President if you are American one but it is not real to be one of Royal Family in UK for example. I’m sure that you understand me.

(T)     Time: Time is most important factor in life, in everything in life and you can’t do anything and ignore the factor of time in the same time. So, time frame is a main factor in this process.

These were Goal Setting rules, any goal in general, whether in big or small. Check your goals regarding to the previous terms.

You Must to Set a Goal

Even it is a small one. When I speak about setting goals, a lot of people think that I mean the great and huge goals which it need mini years. No, absolutely. If you need a smart phone within this year, this is a goal you have to set and plan for it. If you need a car, if you want to make a journey to Hawaii, even if you want to buy a special shoes or a new suit.

The goal is goal whatever its size. And with each goal you have to set a plan till achieve it. This plan may take a month or a year. Of course you can’t do the mission of month in one day. So you have to cut it into small pieces.

How to eat an elephant?

Cut it into small pieces.

Distribute small tasks on the days and everyday you have something to do. May be it is small but it is effective in the long run.

Make a weekly station for stopping and checking back the size of your achievement.

Be flexible with changes in conditions and make necessary changes in your plan and day by day you discover that you are close to your goal.

In the next post we are going to discuss exactly how to set a goal from multiple goals in your life.

Finally, I hope you realized The Importance Of Setting Goals and knew more about Vision and Mission, and Goal Factors.

The 3 Character Attractiveness Secrets

One day, the great psychologist Abraham Maslow spoke about human needs in his famous pyramid. The bottom of pyramid referred to basic human needs. But the last two top of pyramid referred to psychological needs. It referred to self esteem and self actualization respectively.

This means that each one of us needs to feel the appreciation of society to him or in simple words: Needs to love and be loved, needs to win attention of others. It is normal, instinctive thing like life and food but in advanced level of human life.

This appreciation makes sort of satisfaction for anyone and so important for us at all. So, a lot of us always look for to make something effective in society or at least between his relatives and friends. Not only for hear the words of admiration or thanks, but also for the self actualization. This actually makes something of Character Attractiveness which it grows every day with each achievement.

Also, when we speak about Character Attractiveness, we speak about vital and instinctively call in the human soul. It is growing with us like everything. So, when you were a child, teen, lad and even young man you look for anything which can attract attention of people around you.

This was instinctively matter, but after self improvement studies we can summarize Character Attractiveness in 3 main secrets:

1. Good Manners.

Good Manners is an international language that everyone can speak over the world. All religions with no exceptions urge the good manners and this is the shortest way to reach people heart.

You may heard about saying of Mohammed (The Prophet of Muslims) when said “The best one to God is the best one to his friends, and the best neighbor to God is the best in good manners to his neighbor.” Or you may read saying of Christ when he said “Love each one of yours and forgive each one of yours.

Good Manners is the required virtue in any society and this of course a fact which doesn’t differ by two.

Good Manners is the rare goods between people and you can’t buy it by money or lend it from friends.

Good Manners is an immeasurable thing, so you can gain what you can and progress every day in several ways.

Good Manners is the beauty which turns ugly person to handsome one. I’m sure that you met a beautiful girl before or a handsome boy, and you may impressed by his face but when you looked at his soul, you found a blackness you may can’t endure it. The same thing, you may meet a not beautiful face but behind this face you may find a lot of treasures.

Any person can gain with his good manners what he can’t get by any other way. And be sure you can gain love and respect of others when they discover how you carry in heart a lot of treasures. 

2. The Elegant Appearance.

Elegant Appearance is the second corner in Attractiveness triangle. In fact I needn’t to speak a lot about Elegant Appearance because it is a natural behavior in people generally, with both bad and good people. But I have a funny story about the importance of Elegant Appearance.

Once, in German and while a police soldier is walking in the street late, he saw tramp man in the same street. This man was disheveled hair, tacky, smelly and so dirty. In fact he was completely uncomfortable man.

Solider made his duty and catch this strange man and led him to the police station. But once solider entered the officer room with this dirty man, the officer stood up in a dazzle and respect to shake hand with this dirty man … all of this was in front of stupor eyes of the solider.

But the real surprise – for the solider – was when officer told him that this dirty man is Pride of Germany and her genius Musician …  Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Try to imagine the solider face in that moment. But I’m sure, you will excuse him.

Try to do the experiment with two men whom are equal in the scientific status and one of them has really elegant appearance and the other was shabby … who will gain your psychological comfort more than other?

3. Wide Culture.

It is regrettable for me when I meet someone who is a good appearance and real gentleman but after while I discover that he has an empty mind.

There are a lot of definitions of Culture but in fact I remember two of them now and the both are expressive pretty much.

First: It is everything stays in human mind after forgetting everything.

Second: It is to be a specialist in something and know a little about everything.         

And in fact, the second definition leads us to two types of separated culture types … The Specialization Culture and The General Culture.

The Specialization Culture: It is to be a specialist in a particular field, and so that you spend a lot of your money, time and concentration to learn more about this field. You read in books, internet, and seminars and learn under professional specialists to be really informative in your field. (A Specialist in something)

The General Culture: It is to know a little about a lot of information in separated fields, whether it links with your field or not. (Know a little about Everything)

The only way I know to learn more about everything is: Reading.

And as you see today, reading is now a past. People now doesn’t read because the canned information on the internet.

In the past when our professor asks us to make a research, we went ahead to the library and spend the whole day between tons of books to get the required information and may be borrow 2 or 3 books to home to complete our research. But now it is different. If you want to know anything about anything, you needn’t to make anything more than type it on search box and google it.

Canned information made us so lazy to make a real search or at least take a book to read. And day by day the informative person became a rare currency and almost disappeared.

Finally, may Character Attractiveness have another secrets but this was The Character Attractiveness Secrets which I could collect it here: Good Manners, Elegant Appearance and Wide Culture.

Vision and Mission Definition

My previous works was a sales person for a web designing and developing company. One day, I was at a meeting with one of our clients. He already designed his website and looking for filling it with content. He asked me: What should we put in the home page?

Based on my previous work, I told him about that he should put the company vision and mission, or vision and mission statement, in the home page. It is suitable for his type of business. So, we started to formulate the vision and mission statement.

But it was a surprise for me…….

The company manager wasn’t having any idea about the Vision and Mission, its definition and the difference between them.

So, I recognized that there a lot of people who don’t know really what is vision and mission definition and how to put it well.

For the importance of both, I decided to speak a little about them:


Vision is an arrival moment.

It is a dream to achieve.

It is a goal you planned to get it.

Vision in simple words:

It is a formulate you design, and it describes a goal or dream you are looking for achieving it. In this formula you have to describe the moment of achieving your goal exactly. What you see, you hear and you feel, who with you, what audience around you, the clapping of your fans, everything .. You have to record everything.

Vision has terms to put. Like what?

These terms had been collected in one word called SMART according to the first letter of each term like follow:

(S)          Specific             (I hope a 4×4 car)

(M)          Measurable        (Jeep Wrangler 2012)

(A)          Achievable         (Yes, I can get money and I know a Jeep agency)

(R)          Realistic            (What is odd in getting a Jeep car? :) )

(T)          Time Frame        (at the end of January 2015)

This was a vision…. Let’s make a simple example:

My vision is getting PHD in economic at the end of July 2017 from Harvard University. My wife and children will be with me at this moment and also my friends, colleagues, professors and students to congratulate me, and celebrate for this great event.

I’m afraid that you understood from this example that vision is for huge goals only. Vision is for everything you love to do/own in life.

Another example:

I hope to make a picnic at this weekend with my wife and children to enjoy the open air and beautiful landscapes. It is so pretty to see my children running and jumping and hear their laughing. I’m going to do the same and my wife of course.

Last one:

My vision for my translating work is to complete 25,000 words of translating at the end of June and after getting this goal, I will celebrate with my family by going out and eating pizza.

As you see, you can make a vision for everything in life. Big or small, short or long, near or far, anything at all.


Mission is different…..

Mission is expressing something that is not a vision……. :)

Mission refers to something you do without limiting, without a real goal, usually is social, there is no end for it.

For example:

My mission in life is bringing up my children and educating them well to provide a good citizen for society.

My mission is helping mentally handicapped patients, and training them to face society. I chose that because a lot of people don’t like to do that.

My mission in life is teaching the poor people in my country to learn them An honorable profession.

And so…….

The masters of self improvement told us that mission must include something related to yourself. I mean that your mission is will be more effective if you make it with a personal desire.


My mission is educating myself Self Improvement sciences and teaching it to the other people to make their life happy.


My mission is helping myself to live a high standard living and helping people to make more money in their jobs.

And so……

And as we told before about vision, we do the same about mission: You can have a lot of missions like you can get a lot of visions.

It is not a necessary stipulation to be a big VISION or MISSION. It may be simple and small.

Personally, I recommend making simple visions and missions at first to encourage yourself and then tee off.

I had to write this post about Vision and Mission Definition because I discovered that a lot of people don’t know the difference and also for you when you read the next posts and not facing vague concepts.

House Fly and Me and You

I heard the distinctive whiz of flies over my head, so I looked at the voice to see a big house fly. It was that kind which my wife has a lot of fear towards it. In fact I don’t know why women fear from these harmless insects like flies and bees. I had learned a lot from these insects in my life.

Not only this but I knew once that specialist in curing Rheumatic are sometimes advising people to go to a Beehive and get some pinches this little, beautiful bees. It is some kind of physical therapy for Rheumatic – Exposure to the bites of bees.

I was in bathroom and I wasn’t surprised for seeing it. I saw it minutes before in the kitchen over my wife’s head. And now it is flying over my head in this closed place.

I decided to catch it. I want to be a hero in front of my wife. “She is going to love me more, then. What will she say when she knows that? When she discovers that I killed the harm fly which it is scaring her” I thought enthusiastically.

I got a small towel and start the battle ….

It was clever fly, contrary to what I expected. It was standing on the lamp of bathroom. Perhaps it was the habit of fly of adhesion on the lighted lamps. Of course I didn’t want to hit it while she was on the lamp, fearing that lamp may fall on my head, so I waited a while.

I skirmished it and chased it until it got out of its ambush and stop in the right corner far of lamp, so – with a speedy focused hit – I hit it with a big (Taaaaackkkkk) and then it fall down.

I felt joy of victory applies in my body and I almost cried enthusiastically, but when I poured water on its body to push it to the sink, once water touched it, it woke up and flied again.

Oh, Grrrrr …. This damned fly” I whispered in angrily voice.

It wasn’t died at the first time and now it is flying to provoke me more and more.

I looked at it again watching its movement but in more concentration at that time.

It hide behind water heater, I chased it until it got out. It stopped at the corner far of me, I bothered it till it changed its place again. And finally it steady on the water heater .. I felt the rapture of victory in my blood and I raised my towel slowly, carefully and quietly to stay in this beautiful place for snipping.

Suddenly, I hit it with suitable powerful strike and again a big (Taaaaackkkkk) and it fall down beside my feet. I don’t know of it still alive or no but I surely learned from the last experiment, so I emphasized its death by my foot then I poured some water to push it to the sink. I did it well.

I got out from the bathroom and with a big quantity of strength and pride I told my wife what I did for her. She shouted happily “Wow, what a brave lion is my husband”. So I walked in front of her in a strutting walk with happiness.

This was my battle with house fly ..

And it is the same the opportunity to succeed in life ..

When you got an opportunity you should snatch it strongly and firmly. Never to be lazy. Also don’t be hurry in celebrating and laze to complete your role at first. The opportunity may turns against you and happens the contrary you expected. Remember (once water touched it, it woke up and flied again. It wasn’t died at the first time and now it is flying to provoke me more and more).

If you failed, don’t be desperate but try again and again. But change your method and be earnest and enthusiastic (I looked at it again watching its movement but in more concentration at that time). And learn from your previous mistakes and never repeat it again, (I don’t know of it still alive or no but I surely learned from the last experiment, so I emphasized its death by my foot then I poured some water to push it to the sink. I did it well) because repeated mistakes is not only an evidence of failure but also it wastes a lot of time. This time is your wealth to use it in improving yourself.

After completing your mission, don’t forget appreciating yourself and also celebrating with your lovers and telling them about your success. It is a very good way to hear a compliment from them. Compliment has a magic effect on your enthusiasm (I got out from the bathroom and with a big quantity of strength and pride I told my wife what I did for her. She shouted happily “Wow, what a brave lion is my husband”).

Experiment of house fly was one of the best experiments which I ever lived in my life. I learned a lot from this experiment and still learn. It is full of a lot of meanings.

House Fly Experiment is not a trivial story. It is a story which teaches you how to think and treat with obstacles which may meet you in your success path.

It may be your beginning … and me, too.

Bank Of Ideas

One day, I was sitting with my close friend and we were speaking about our future dreams and how can we achieve it. I told him about the crowd of ideas in my mind and how I couldn’t arrange it and make prioritizing for it.

He told me a very nice suggestion. He advised me to jot down every idea in my mind once it comes. He emphasized that recording ideas is the best way to save ideas from loss. Also emptying your mind from ideas makes you refresh and allows new ideas to come to your mind. This will make your mind refreshable.


This suggestion forced me to keep pen and note in pocket every time. I became afraid if I surprised by any idea and may forget it. Now, if you meet me you will note that my pocket is fat with papers, and if you take one of these papers you may find a new idea in it. One of these related ideas was Bank Of Ideas.


Bank Of Ideas is just a notebook/agenda you jot down all of your ideas in it. And I mean by sentence of (all of your ideas) every idea come to you, even this one which has just a title, even incomplete one. Just jot it down and think about it carefully later. Of course you will find a lot of gaps with it but the idea in its abstract case is valuable to lose.


I mean that don’t flout any idea, even you thought that it is not important or you may thought that it is not good idea. Whatever its size, you will find use for it but never kill it.


I found one of the most famous authors in the metaphysics field that he made a very successful novel about one of Tibet priest. When readers asked him about the source of this novel or how he started it, he answered a very wonderful answer. He told us that the novel started with a title! Just a title? Yes, it was. By the way, his novel title was “The Last Priest”.


He told us that the idea came to him suddenly by just a title. The Last Priest. Later, he started to create the body. He knew that his novel must speak about a priest and this priest must be the last one of his group. Then, he started the novel and could complete it in professional way.


This character in novel of (The Last Priest) was a novel in a series of novels. This character impressed and raised a lot of readers and they made a lot of discussion about it for a long of time.


All previous actions were from one idea, just one idea. What about you?


What is your opinion if you started to record each idea you find. I swear that habit will be a gate for power and creativity for your mind and life. Just think and think in visualization way, then record every idea you find. Just record it, just jot it down. Don’t bother yourself about it in the same time. Leave these ideas for one day you will need to invest it in useful way. Make The Bank of Ideas and jot your ideas down.


Day by day you will reach a moment that you have no ideas in it. In this moment, go to the bank of ideas and get out the old ideas and refresh your mind by it. At this time you will automatically give the idea what it needs from interest and time. Make a brain storming with your friends but choose the open minded ones.


I chose the word of Bank to refer to the richness and wealth. Why are you going to bank? Sure for take more money. The Bank of Ideas is one of places which you can take what you want of ideas from time to time.


Try this idea and please tell me about the results.

How Many Things You Can Achieve In One Minute

We spoke before about the non-remarked gaps in your time in article of “Invest The Blanks In Your Time” and you may have this gap already or not. Today we are going to speak about a lot of things which are more valuable and may change your life.

Unfortunately, I found a lot of people who destroy hundreds of minutes in their lives. But if you concentrate in how to be smarter person with smart mind you will find a lot of things to invest your minutes in it. And when you reach the phase of keeping every minute in your time you will be one of the little smartest in this life.

Let’s start….

In The Scientific Field

1-     In one minute you can read 21 lines from a book or in other words 75 pages in one hour. This means that you can read any book you want in a period of 3 – 7 days. This really a huge treasure you should keep.

2-     In one minute you can learn new 5 words of new language and keep it in your mind forever and professionally.

3-     In one minute you can make a simple search for something on the internet and find a suitable result for it.

4-     In one minute you can create a new idea and keep it in ideas bank (you must use Ideas Bank).

In The Physical Field

1-     In one minute you can walk steady walking for 45 meters.

2-     In one minute you can run for more than 75 meters in slow speed (once, I was able to run distance of 100 meters in 15 seconds. It was beautiful daysJ).

3-     In one minute you can achieve more than 30 from Abdominal Exercises (It is up to your ability and speed).

4-     In one minute you can achieve more than 32 from pressure exercise (Also, it is up to your ability and speed).

5-     In one minute you can jump in your place for more than 60 times.

6-     In one minute you can jump rope for more than 20 times.

In The Business Field

1-     In one minute you can make a new approach for new customer or new deal by phone for example (if you have telesales ability) or through a meeting. Or you may be able to take some information about your expected client. It is up to your type of business.

2-     In one minute you can rearrange 5 tasks at least of your business day. Arranging tasks is so important than you imagine. It saves time and effort, and helps you to get rid of the chaos. This chaos causes a lot of time losing.

3-     In one minute you can ask your manager/senior/colleague a question about work and learn new experience which may make you better at work.

4-     In one minute you can extract 2 or more new data of new clients from telephone dictionary or the internet for example. You can open new channel with these client in future to make new deals.

Now, it is your turn to tell us more about what we can do in one minute in the day. Motivate your creative ability to discover more and teach us more.

You may also note that I repeated the sentence of (In one minute you can ….). I intended that to emphasis the meaning of time value in your Subconscious Mind. It is valuable thing to think smart in how to use the minimum of every thing and particularly your time.

I don’t want to feel regret (you and me) one day for losing tons of minutes which can make a huge change in our life.

Invest The Blanks In Your Time

Unfortunately, I found a lot of people had stopped improving himself or even his social relations and the always reason is time. It is not true. The main reason in this case is not time but prioritizing. I spoke a lot about prioritizing in my previous article A Look On The Prioritizing and you can read it and understand the power of arranging your priorities.

Now we are going to speak about an important point which is relating with losing of time. It is the blanks of time.

I mean by the word of Blanks, the little minutes which most of people are wasting it every hour of life. You are in your way to work. You may take your own car, bus or a taxi. Blank is the time you spend in this case. It is lost in general. You never think about it. You may never think that you can use it professionally.

I know a professor who works in California and lives in another state and needs to travel between to two states 2 or more a week. He drives his own car throw the highway between states. He thought about how to use this big lose of time in advanced way. He brought a lot of scientific audios. He made a plan to hear this scientific material during driving his car. And believe me or not, he learnt a lot by this simple habit.

This what I mean by Blanks in time. All of us have the same gap in his time and always says the most famous sentence in this subject “I have no enough time to do this” but actually we can do that if we want.

Asher Mouse did it when he tried to exploit the time of his comfort to earn money. He was a taxi driver. He thought about how he can use the time of his comfort with another driver and sharing the profit. He did and success. Then he grew day by day and now he had a company for taxi and advertising by taxi. This idea was shared over the world by this smart man.

Asher Mouse looked for what he is already own and how to use it in smart way, but what I want to focus on is the beginning. This beginning was “How to use a lost time with comfort and gain money from it”. Again, blanks in your time.

You can do the same by discovering the blanks in your time. I saw people reading while waiting in doctor clinic. Also a lot of people do the same in cashier queue. And you have your own to think about and how to use it.

You can hear something useful while you are practicing in gym or while you are driving or even while you are walking.

The results will be amazing and you will feel different with productivity. Just keep this little lost time.